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Less Whine, More Wine - Wax Melts

Less Whine, More Wine - Wax Melts

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Less Whine, More Wine [black cherry merlot] Who are these kids and why do they keep calling you "Mom"? Tune out the chaos and imagine you're sipping a big glass of merlot on the deck at the end of the day. Scents: red wine, black cherry, black currant, oak.

ABOUT OUR WAX MELTS: These gorgeous fragranced wax melts are handcrafted from premium wax and scented with carefully curated fragrance oils. * Soy wax blend * Packaged in a scent-safe, resealable clamshell * Phthalate-free * Hand-poured with care in small batches in Wisconsin. WHAT ARE WAX MELTS AND WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM? * Break off a chunk of these melts and place them in a wax warmer to fill a room with a delightful aroma without a flame!

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