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Your Very Favorite Dinosaur Coloring Book

Your Very Favorite Dinosaur Coloring Book

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Does your dinosaur-obsessed kiddo tell you all about dinosaurs you've never even heard of? If so, they are going to LOVE this coloring book! Featuring 37 original dinosaur illustration, we included well-loved popular dinosaurs as well as dinosaurs your kids will love to discover!

This dinosaur coloring book is full of gorgeous illustrations that are printed on one side of the page so you don't have to worry about markers or paint ruining the illustration on the next page. Even better, these illustrations are easy to cut out to frame or display on the fridge!

Includes the following dinosaurs: dilophosaurus, megalosaurus, deinonychus, plesiosaurus, ankylosaurus, pteranodon, troodon, chilesaurus, shunosaurus, stegosaurus, hylaeosaurus, acrocanthosaurus, maiasaura, lurdusaurus, charonosaurus, minmi, parasaurolophus, magyarosaurus dacus, hatzegopteryx, spinosaurus, archaeopteryx, Tyrannosaurus rex, oviraptor, compsognathus, quetzalcoatlus, pentaceratops & alamosaurus!
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