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Kitties in Cities Coloring Book

Kitties in Cities Coloring Book

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The Hippest Cats in the Hottest Spots Ready for the Limelight!

City life: the lights, the sounds, the scratching posts. Wait…scratching posts? That’s right! From the opera cat to the alley cat and every cat in between, you’ll find them all in
Zendoodle Coloring: Kitties in Cities. Strutting through the alleys, riding the subway to work, or enjoying a day off in the park, these cats know how to live up their days and nights on the town. And while it’s true that in the city anything you want or need is at your fing…um…paw tips, there’s one thing these cats don’t have yet: color! So, grab your colored pencils and head over to meet Mayor McWhiskers on the steps of Kitty Hall. Together, in Zendoodle Coloring: Kitties in Cities, you’re going to color this town fabulous.

• More than 60 illustrations of the daily life of city cats
• Purrr-forated pages make artwork easy to separate and display
• New adventures await in kitty town!
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